Installing on Mobile

How to Install Presets on the Mobile App

Included in your purchase are the latest .XMP files and Mobile DNG files. If you don't have a laptop or Lightroom CC Desktop, you can still use the presets/filters on your phone with the free Lightroom Mobile app for iOS & Android. If you already have Lightroom CC Desktop you simply sync your presets using the .XMP files in one click, we give both options to our customers: 

Without a laptop or Lightroom CC Desktop (using DNG files):

Simply follow the video guide below!

With Lightroom CC Desktop (using .XMP files)

Things you will need:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC on Desktop (Free Trial Available here)
  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
  • Preset Files (.XMP) - Included in Purchase


    1. First install the presets on Lightroom CC Desktop (1 min tutorial):


2. Next Sync the presets with your phone (1 min tutorial):



3. That's it, your presets should now be available in the Presets tab on the mobile App under 'User Presets.'